Customized Tributes

Customized Tributes

There is no greater honor as a funeral professional than to have a family bestow upon you the honor to plan, design, and implement a tribute for their loved ones. Over the years, McKenzie Funeral Home utilized the ministerial education, musical training, and funeral professionalism of its staff to create customized tributes for the many untold and unseen heroes of our community. Below are just a few of these tributes that are original one of a kind creation by our staff.

Military Recognition Service

In corporation with the appropriate military branches, we have created our Patriotic service honoring our veterans in an elegant and serene salute.

Ministerial Recognition Service

Understanding the sacrificial cost of ministerial service, we have reverently created a sacred ceremony honoring our Christian leaders and servants who did not fail the Call upon their lives.

Public Service Tribute

There is no tribute of more importance than the honoring of the civil servants of our community who labors provide our lives with peace and stability.

Themed Tributes

We believe that every person has a unique purpose and affect upon those whom they meet. Their lives leave an in erasable mark upon us and their story is a light to the many different facets of this world. With this thought in mind, below are themed tributes created to celebrate and express our uniqueness in this life.

  • The Last Roar Tribute - our custom celebration for the motorcycle lover
  • The Checker Flag Tribute - our custom celebration for the Nascar lover
  • The Last Hunt - our custom Hunters Salute
  • The Holiday Tribute - our custom tribute based upon a holiday

These are just a few of the creations we offer. If there is some idea we have not introduced, we would be honored to work and create another new original tribute just for your loved one.

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