As We Begin

As We Begin

For almost 50 years, the McKenzie family and staff have been honored to provide a guiding hand to our families. It is our ultimate goal to lead and direct you in all facets when confronted by the loss of a loved one. Again, there is no irrelevant or unimportant question. You can rest assure we will exhaust all resources to create a tribute to exceed your expectations. Whether preplanning or in an “At-Need” situation, here is information that will be a trustworthy and simple guide as we begin this journey together.

When a loved one passes

When a loved one passes at home or in a place that isn’t a healthcare facility, you’ll need to contact emergency personnel (911) before they can be taken into our care. If your loved one was under medical care, it is a good idea to call their physician as well. If your loved one passes in a healthcare facility, they will notify the proper authorities, including the funeral home you have chosen to care for your loved one if they know that information. Emergency and medical personnel involved in this part of the process will be helpful with obtaining a medical certificate and other necessary paperwork. This part of the process is often the most emotional, and we are here to help and support you. If you are not sure what to do, call us any time.

If your loved one has made prearrangements

If your loved one has made prearrangements, many of your responsibilities and decisions will be already completed. At an available time, we will review with you all of your loved one’s preplanned funeral wishes and together finalize the service. However, if your loved one did not preplan their funeral then you will need to make some immediate decision. For example, after our initial conversation and we have received your loved one into our care, the first decision you will need to consider and decide is…“Will you be choosing a Traditional Service with embalming or a cremation service?” With many traditional services, embalming is required by law and is most effective when completed as quickly as possible when a love passes. Legally you will need to give authorization for embalming. Remember these decisions are often overwhelming, and you may need time to think and discuss with family your loved ones wishes. When uncertain remember and know we are here to help and support you. Our simple 2-Step Process will guide you with confidence and again, if you are not sure what to do, call us at any time.

When you are ready

When you are ready, we will set a meeting with our staff to receive all the information from Step One and Step Two. During our meeting, we will (1) review the information for clarification, (2) provide you with a general price list to give you a basic idea of what our services cost, and (3) begin designing a tribute based on your choice of services and theme.

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