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"Honored to Serve"

Custom Services

McKenzie Funral Home was established by the late Rev. Howard McKenzie as a result of the need for a funeral serice that makes a difference.  In following through with his legacy, we continue to honor and protect the desire of each individual family to have a memorable service for their loved ones. 

 Rev. McKenzie stated repeatedly and believed whole heartedly, “We get one shot at this service; there is no room for error. We must make sure each family knows their options and have no regrets when the service is over”. 

Therefore, our staff brings a combination of personal education, years of Christian ministry, military services, and counseling to create custom funeral services.  There is no comparison to the standards of excellence our staff has established.  The outline, of several services for your review, is listed below.  Adjustments are made to meet the needs of each family in order to create a one-of-a-kind service and tribute for those who have passed.

No matter the religious preference of a family or the style of a service requested, we offer a customized Funeral/Memorial Service within the guidelines of a family’s faith, life-style, career history, etc.  Our staff uses its organizational involvement to create a tribute to the deceased through our Traditional Service with Burial, Traditional Service with Cremation, or Cremation Service with or without Burial.

Once the type of service is determined, it is then customized as shown below.  The following is a list of Original Services our staff has created in its tribute to the deceased on behalf of the family. 

A.  A Going Home Celebration
B. Celebration of Life Service
C. Military Recognition Service
D. Ministerial Recognition Service
E. Recognition of Distinguished Christian Service 
F. Recognition of Public Service
G. The Last Roar - A Harley Davidson Tribute
H. Others- Upon Request

Andrews Chapel
606 S. Rosemary Ave.
Andrews, SC 29556
843 264 8632
Georgetown Chapel
2156 North Fraser St
Georgetown, SC 29440
843 546-0198
Hemingway Chapel
210 East George St.
Hemingway, SC 29554
843 558-1791
Email:  McKenzieFuneralH@aol.com