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Posted: Wednesday, April 22, 2015 5:00 am 
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McKenzie is thanked for courtesy, care and kindness Letter to the Editor  

Dear Editor,
On Feb. 26, 2015, my mother, Esther Heskett, passed away. Mom lived in Bethesda, Ohio, until 2000. She then moved to Hemingway in the Center Community. Momís burial expenses were paid for many years ago at Kelly, Kemp, Braido Funeral Home in Bethesda.

We all know how much things have gone up in price in 15 years. We want to thank McKenzie Funeral Home of Hemingway, Tim McKenzie, and the funeral home in Bethesda, for honoring momís burial contract even though this contract was not purchased from them.

Mr. Tim McKenzie performed all services listed in the contract. He even had her remains flown to Ohio for Kelly, Kemp, Braido, and Patron to bury beside my father. Mr. McKenzie was very professional, dedicated, compassionate, caring and concerned about every detail and decision that had to be made by the family.


Online condolences may be sent to McKenzieFuneralH@aol.com

Arrangement Notices
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Andrews Chapel
610 S. Rosemary Ave.
Andrews, SC 29556
843 264 8632
Georgetown Chapel
2156 North Fraser St
Georgetown, SC 29440
843 546-0198
Hemingway Chapel
210 East George St.
Hemingway, SC 29554
843 558-1791

Email: McKenzieFuneralH@aol.com

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